A brief introduction of myself


Good afternoon,dear teacher,thank you for giving me the chance to interview and it is my pleasure to introduce myself to you. My name is xxx,born in 1986,from shandong province. My major is health management,and the specific research interest is medical education. I will graduate from health science centre of Peking University in July 2013, hope to work and develop in your department.

During past three years,under the strict guidance of my supervisor, i have learnt systematically the theory of health management and participated actively in all the research projects in my team. Now i am engaging in my graduate thesis, the exploration and practice of establishing the education quality assessment system in medica education,which gives me a chance to think over the present medical education system and helps me develop critical thinking as well as overall view.Besides study and research, i take part in many internships and social practice, and benefit a lot from working with excellent colleagues, team spirit, leadership, communication skills and so on.

My major and experience qualify me for this job, i believe i can be fit for the position quickly. I am looking forward to working in your department. If I am admitted, I will be thankful and try my best to work.

Thank you very much.


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  1. 我又来了,突然反应过来,北大哎,学医的。哇咔咔,小时候,我爸爸问我要去神马学校,我就说要去清华北大。不过嘛,说说而已,分不够哇。

    1. 遗憾不啦?有时间就来北大逛逛,旅旅游,我给你免费向导。其实,来了你会发现北大清华也不过如此,只是在某些场合被神化了而已。

  2. 果然比我大。

  3. 曾经有一次经历过,英语自我介绍,结果面试的是我们代课老师,就果断放开随便聊了~之后也忘了说了些神马,外面的同学说,你都说啥了…进去那么长时间.

    1. 运气足够奇葩,赞一个。汇报一下,今天的面试官看了一眼我的六级分数,就没让我讲英文。哈哈

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